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Established in 2010

Welcome to iPositively! We are your gateway to a wealth of comprehensive guides and uplifting trends, dedicated to enriching every facet of your life

At iPositively, we curate a diverse range of professional and useful information spanning various spheres, including business, finance, entertainment, travel, and technology.

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Meet our team

Michele Schmidt - lifestyle writer

Michele Schmidt

Michele Schmidt is a lifestyle writer dedicated to exploring the art of living well. With a blend of expertise in health, fashion, and culture, Michele brings a fresh perspective to everyday living. From wellness wisdom to style secrets, she shares practical advice and inspiration to elevate your lifestyle.

Brett Duron

Brett Duron is a financial expert committed to demystifying the world of money. With years of experience in finance and a passion for empowering others, he shares valuable insights and strategies for financial success. From personal finance tips to investment advice, Brett provides actionable information to help readers build wealth and achieve their financial goals.
Brett Duron - finance writer
Holly Herrera - art writer

Holly Herrera

Holly Herrera is a skilled artisan of words with a passion for the arts. With a background in art history, she brings a unique perspective to every piece. From insightful critiques to thought-provoking analyses, she explores the intricate tapestry of art, delving into its historical significance and contemporary relevance. 

Corey Trimble

Corey Trimble is a tech-savvy wordsmith dedicated to decoding the digital realm. Drawing from a foundation in technology and fueled by a fervent passion for innovation, Corey delves into the forefront of the tech industry, unraveling its latest trends and groundbreaking developments. From in-depth reviews to practical guides, he delivers engaging content that empowers readers to harness the power of technology in their daily lives.
Corey Trimble - tech writer
Jesse Hamilton - education writer

Jesse Hamilton

Jesse Hamilton is an education enthusiast dedicated to empowering learners of all ages. With a background in pedagogy and a passion for lifelong learning, Jesse crafts engaging content that inspires curiosity and fosters intellectual growth. From insightful articles on teaching methodologies to practical tips for students, Jesse shares valuable insights that elevate the educational experience.

Charles Veloz

Charles Veloz is a creative storyteller immersed in the world of entertainment. With a passion for captivating narratives and a keen eye for detail, he crafts engaging content that transports readers to new realms of imagination. From movie reviews to behind-the-scenes insights, Charles shares captivating tales and thought-provoking analyses that celebrate the magic of entertainment.
Charles Veloz - entertainment writer